NMES Evidence

A PUBMED search of electrical stimulation and dysphagia yielded 77 articles.

65/77 were chosen for review based on the inclusion criteria of the use of surface electrodes on the exterior laryngeal muscles of humans.

Out of the 65 there was 1 survey, 5 case studies, 4 retrospective studies , 42 prospective studies and 13 meta-analysis or literature reviews.

The results were:

45/65 showed a positive effect

6/65 had a negative or no effect (Incidentally mostly authored by the same group)

14/65 had inconclusive or mixed results

The number of research subjects ranged from 1-120 with a mean of 33

The etiologies represented were as follows:

1- Encephalitis

1- Sjorgren’s

1- Opercular syndrome

1- Anorexia

1- Wilson’s disease

1- Xerostomia

2- Multiple Sclerosis

3- Brain injury

3- Parkinson’s Disease

5- Head and Neck Cancer

7- Mixed

10- Normal

17- Stroke

Of the 65 studies reviewed one was especially impressive:

2014 Article (published in German)

Neuromuscular electric stimulation therapy in otorhinolaryngology, Miller, Kuhn, Jungheim, Schwemmle, & Ptok.

Identified 180 studies for effects of NMES on facial and laryngeal paresis, dysphonia and dysphagia.

Their conclusion: “Evidence collected to date is encouraging; particularly for the treatment of certain forms of dysphagia and laryngeal paresis”