NMES & sEMG in Dysphagia Management: The Guardian Way® Live Course

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  • Learn to use the modality of NMES and how its applied to different patient
  • Learn to use the modality of sEMG and how it can make therapy outcomes more objective
  • Live interactive lab to ensure learning outcomes and competency is met

Pediatrics and Adults

This course is offered for 1.3 ASHA CEUs in an interactive live webinar format


Purchase Requirements:

To order the course, purchaser must acknowledge that the trainee has access to the Guardian Way NMES and sEMG lab kit:
1. Guardian Aspire2 device
2. Dysphagia Electrodes (05A156-10, 05A158-10, 05A160-10, or 05A163-10)
3. sEMG Electrodes (05A167)
4. Paper tape
5. Self-adherent wrap or knit headband to secure electrodes