clinicianHere's what recently trained Guardian Way® providers are saying...

"Well, #1, I LOVED Lindsay! Her presentation style, her willingness to troubleshoot with us, and interaction level throughout the training was just great (for lack of a better word)! I am excited about being able to individualize protocols for NMES and switch easily to sEMG with a single device. I downloaded the app onto my personal iPad so that I can use the games. I am always looking for better ways to serve my elders, as well as improve my skill set. The Aspire 2 seems to be a perfect solution and a great addition to my toolbox.”

“This was a well-developed and nicely-presented course! The live interaction was especially beneficial.  Active problem solving was very helpful! Thank you!”

– PhD, SLP

“Lindsay provided great and useful material to incorporate as part of our thorough dysphagia assessment.”

– Omar Quintero, MS, CCC-SLP

“I can’t wait to try NMES & sEMG with some of my CVA patients. Lindsay did an awesome job explaining things as well as being very knowledgeable when answering questions. Really enjoyed the class!”

– Brandi Gaddy, MS, CCC-SLP

“Wonderful course! I plan to incorporate the 3 oz water swallow challenge.  I also learned a lot about sEMG and plan to incorporate this into my session as a way to include “numbers” into my documentation. Thank you for presenting information so that everyone could follow along and understand information.”

– Emily Glenn

“So far I am loving and enjoying the progress I have made with patients.  I have 2 patients who are now on upgraded diets.  Family and patients are so pleased with this progress.  I truly feel this training was the best investment I have made so far in my profession!!  It’s amazing!”

– Sabrina, SLP

“The interactive Guardian training course was engaging, and with questions and concerns being encouraged, it took the pressure off so I never felt overwhelmed by the new information. I left the course feeling confident, and I have reached out to Lindsay, the course instructor, many times since being certified. I know I can always follow up with any questions I might have, which is comforting and helps me give my best treatment to my patients! Thank you!”

– Lauren, SLP

I purchased the Aspire2 and find it very helpful for my patients with significant dysphagia.  The support I get from the Spectramed team even years after purchasing my device has been awesome.  The Guardian Way training is practical and easy to implement for the treating SLP. It has helped me understand the science of NMES and allows me to help my patients understand the benefits.  I have recommended the device and the training to colleagues of mine over the other devices and trainings on the market.

– Kristy, MS, CCC-SLP

"In any electrical stimulation protocol we have to be aware of the anatomical structures and physiological process as well as the patient’s safety. Throughout my doctoral studies I had the opportunities to study The Guardian Way® approach to neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) and found great results in my research...outcome data was collected and showed that the program was producing tremendous outcomes according to the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) National Outcomes Measurement System (NOMS). I would recommend The Guardian Way® approach from a clinical standpoint, safety standpoint, evidenced based standpoint and from an operational/cost standpoint."
(October 2017)

– Dr. David T. Hutchings, CCC-SLP.D, Chief Executive Officer for Stonerise Therapy

The training was awesome! I already have started two patients on NMES and they are doing well!”

– Lynn B, SLP

“…excellent presenters and the course was very informative. The course was an eye opener on the proper technique and utilization of NMES. Thank you for providing such great knowledge! Hopefully you will have other courses in the near future."

– Joe F, SLP

"Thank you for such a great experience with Guardian!! I have been using it all week! Your course was truly a game changer for me!!" 

– Carla, SLP

“Just had my first success story yesterday! Had a MBSS post stroke 3 weeks ago in hospital. Pt was noted c penetration c NTL and aspiration of large sips of NTL, aspirated thin liquids inconsistently with chin tuck. After 2 weeks of NMES 3 times a week (maybe 7 times total), pt upgraded to thin liquids post FEES. No penetration or aspiration c NTL and no aspiration or penetration c small sips of thin liquids. Only noted mild penetration c large sips, pt able to clear penetration c subsequent swallow!!! Pt is going home Wednesday."

– Heather P, SLP

"She has just completed 8 weeks of NMES. She is doing very well. She is eating just about anything including steak! She has gained weight and is maintaining her weight with a regular diet, thin liquids and 2-3 cans of Ensure a day. She has less xerostomia and secretions are thinner. She feels good and is getting back to cooking meals for her family! My question is this…she has quite a bit of lymphedema involving the anterior neck. The NMES has been amazing and within 10 minutes of treatment, the neck drains. The fluid doesn’t build back up for several hours. She massages her neck multiple times a day…and this helps, but not like the NMES!"

– Susan, SLP

"Wow! I am still absorbing all of it! Guardian makes so much sense!  Thank you for everything!"

– Catherine, SLP

Thanks so much!!! I can't stop talking about this class! A definite game changer for my practice and I thank you so much. I already have patients lined up, and a couple of therapists who don't provide the service have asked me to come in and see their severely impaired patients that they can no longer make gains with. Great course! Cheers!

– Sue, SLP

"The information was clear and gave us hands-on examples to use in treatment. We watched videos with the practical application of concepts presented. After the training, I started to use the NMES with children with Down Syndrome and Autism. They like the sensation of the electrical stimulation while I keep them engaged with the app games. They are doing well. Thank you!" 

– Alicia, SLP

"I really loved the NMES course and am very excited to start using this new modality. I tried it out on a patient today (the one with no CP segment opening, whom I mentioned to you) and he tolerated it really well! I am going to also start using with the MS patient I have. I just placed my first order with Spectramed! So, thanks again! Really great course!”

– Gretchen, SLP

"Thank you again for conducting the Guardian training. It was truly a great learning experience! I’m so happy that even as a student I was able to participate. I very much enjoyed it and am looking forward to using it with patients in the future."

– Anna, CFY

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for everything. You're both are the BEST!  Best class ever.  I have sent three colleagues  and told them they really should get certified on the Guardian and why.   Paying it forward."

– Sue G, SLP

“I just took your course in August. I wrote to you about a patient for his plan of care including NMES and about goals. He was a 74 year old male, that had Subdural Hematoma, verbal aphasia, oropharyngeal dysphagia, esophageal dysphagia and was on a PEG. I just wanted to follow up and let you know his progress. He came into the SNF NPO on a peg. He began NMES with puree solids and honey thick liquids. His speech was intelligible 50% of the time. After 4 weeks trials of different textures while on NMES and different skilled omex, Patient was 90% intelligible; PEG was removed and went home with a mechanical chopped solids, nectar liquids and pleasure feedings of thin liquids.

"I have many patients on my caseload for dysphagia and I can see a huge difference in their feeding and swallowing abilities. They see the progress and they feel motivated to continue with treatment. Thank you!”

– Paola DL, SLP

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I don't even know where to start in telling you how much I have learned from this course.  This was truly eye-opening AND a complete game-changer for me in how I approach my treatment of dysphagia.  I appreciate ALL of the additional resources that you emailed to us.  What a tremendous value this course has been.  BEST CEU money spent to date!"

– KH, Florida

“Just writing to give an informal report on how the “Guardian” NMES dysphagia treatment tool is working….I’ve just recieved more electrodes in the mail, so thank you. I’m still amazed how long these electrodes are lasting and how well the patients are responding…One resident reports a smoother swallow since switching from VitalStim to the Guardian. I find myself having to perform LESS tasks for stimulating and eliciting a swallow, it occurs more naturally for the patient. The headband keeps electrodes in place and is easier to put on than wrapping the pt with bandage wraps… Overall, I’ve seen improvements in swallowing function in only week”

– Jamie, SLP

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