Electrode Characteristics

Spectramed offers the best electrodes on the market - making them an overall better value for our customers.

  • Outstanding electrical performance
  • Ruggedly constructed for supreme durability
  • Resists dry-out for extended time periods
  • Can be reused repeatedly with minimal loss of performance
  • Designed for maximum patient comfort

See the chart below for test results and attributes our electrodes offer. You’ll see why we can say we have the best electrodes in the market.

Electrical Conductivity (Fresh)
Electrical Dispersion Uniformity (Fresh)
Moisture Content (Fresh)
Adhesion (Fresh)
Electrical Conductivity (After Dry Out)
Electrical Resistance (After Dry Out)
Electrical Dispersion Uniformity (After Dry Out)
Moisture Content (After Dry Out)
Adhesion (After Dry Out)
Dry Out Resistance
Lift by Lead Wire
Electrode Pad Strength and Integrity
Lead Wire-to-Connector Strength (Physical Strength)
Lead Wire to Pad Strength (Physical Strength)
Guardian Electrode Guide (Patent Pending)