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Guardian Way wire lead dysphagia electrodes

See the chart of test results and attributes our electrodes offer.  You’ll see why we can say we have the best electrodes in the market. 

Here's what your peers are saying about our revolutionary protocol, training, and innovative NMES device for the treatment of dysphagia.

“So far I am loving and enjoying the progress I have made with patients.  I have 2 patients who are now on upgraded diets.  Family and patients are so pleased with this progress.  I truly feel this training was the best investment I have made so far in my profession!  It’s amazing!”

Sabrina, SLP

"Wonderful course! I plan to incorporate the 3 oz water swallow challenge.  I also learned a lot about sEMG and plan to incorporate this into my session as a way to include “numbers” into my documentation. Thank you for presenting information so that everyone could follow along and understand information."

Emily Glenn

"The interactive Guardian® training course was engaging, and with questions and concerns being encouraged, it took the pressure off so I never felt overwhelmed by the new information.  I left the course feeling confident and I have reached out to Lindsay, the course instructor, many times since being certified. I know I can always follow up with any questions I might have, which is comforting and helps me give my best treatment to my patients!
Thank you!”

Lauren, SLP in SNF/rehab setting

"I purchased the Aspire2 and find it very helpful for my patients with significant dysphagia.  The support I get from the Spectramed team even years after purchasing my device has been awesome.  The Guardian Way® training is practical and easy to implement for the treating SLP. It has helped me understand the science of NMES and allows me to help my patients understand the benefits.  I have recommended the device and the training to colleagues of mine over the other devices and trainings on the market."

Kristy, MS, CCC-SLP

“This was, by far, the most engaging, informative, and clinically relevant continuing education course I have attended. I would encourage anyone who is researching using NMES for the treatment of dysphagia to thoroughly investigate The Guardian Way® protocol and the Guardian® stimulator.  The course presented a large amount of research-based information supporting The Guardian Way® protocol. They were not there to promote a product, they were there to promote a way of providing better, safer, and financially feasible dysphagia therapy to my patients. The goal of the Guardian Way® was more about providing patients with dysphagia quality, research-based interventions, and not on monetary gain.”

Stephanie Wright, SLP

Metropolis, IL


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