Dysphagia Treatment | Foot Drop Therapy

Adult Dysphagia Treatment Training

A comprehensive course designed to teach advanced dysphagia treatment modalities for the adult population.

Foot Drop Training

Designed by physical therapists to help rehabilitate stroke, multiple sclerosis, and partial spinal chord injury.

Pediatric Dysphagia Therapy Training

A comprehensive course designed to teach advanced dysphagia therapy modalities for the pediatric population.

NMES/Biofeedback Device

Learn why Guardian is the the most advanced NMES/Biofeedback device on the market and compares to other electrical stimulation methods.

Adult Dysphagia Electrodes

See our full line of dysphagia therapy electrodes for adults.

Pediatric Dysphagia Electrodes

See our full line of pediatric dysphagia therapy electrodes.


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Interesting facts About Us 

Spectramed, Inc. has comprised a world-class team.  Our course instructors are practicing clinicians who understand every facet of Dysphagia Therapy as well as Foot Drop Therapy.

Our Key Team

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Rick Fisher
President and Chief Executive Officer

Rick Fisher is the owner of Spectramed, Inc. and the founder of The Guardian Way®.  He has over 20 years experience in medical manufacturing and project development.  He is also the founder of multiple provisional patents and registered trademarks to his credit.  Rick is an experienced leader with unwavering vision for fundamentally different design concepts.

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Nathan Fisher
Chief Information Officer

Nathan Fisher is the co-founder of the The Guardian Way® and has over 20 years experience in medical manufacturing.  He is the CE Administrator for ASHA (American Speech & Hearing Association) and international education coordinator.  Nathan is also the chief quality compliance officer responsible for ISO 13485; CE; CMDCAS; TFDA; SFDA and FDA regulatory compliance.

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Marissa Barerra, MS, MPhil, MSCS, TSHH, CCC-SLP
COO/National Clinical Advisor

Marissa A. Barrerra, MS, MPhil, MSCS, TSHH, CCC-SLP, Speech –Language Pathologist & Multiple Sclerosis Certified Specialist.  Marissa is also the co-founder of The Guardian Way® as well as a certified Guardian Way® course instructor.  Ms. Barerra is a Neurodegenerative Disease Specialist and a leading authority on Multiple Sclerosis and swallowing disorders.

Marissa Barrera Professional CV

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Teresa Biber-LoMonte, M.S.CCC-SLP
International Clinical Advisor

Teresa Biber-LoMonte, M.S.CCC-SLP, Speech – Language Pathologist Founder of the Biber Protocol.  Teresa is also the co-founder of The Guardian Way® as well as a certified Guardian Way® course instructor.  Ms. Biber specializes in head and neck cancer patients.  Her  years of clinical practice and pursuit of humanitarian work has solidified her place among healthcare professionals.

Teresa Biber Professional CV

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Gary Ho
Director of International Sales - Asia

Gary Ho is the Director of International Sales and overseas operations.  He is responsible for international customer relations and distributor procurement.  Gary is also responsible for coordinating  international training seminars and continuing education development for Asia.

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Clinical Advisor

Dr. Euapardorn is widely recognized as a leading Physical Therapist in manipulative therapy for patients with orthopedic conditions as well as those experiencing musculoskeletal pain and modality issues. He is also a well-known strength and conditioning coach, in addition to being an extraordinary therapist in the areas of Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease.


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Robert J. Schreyer PT, DPT, NCS, MSCS, CSCS
Clinical Advisor

Dr. Schreyer is a leading authority on Physical Therapy treatments for patients with neurological conditions, including Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, strokes and other brain traumas. He is also a specialist in treating patients with spinal chord injuries, amputation-related conditions and a host of orthopedic injuries.


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Nancy C. Calamusa MA, CCC-SLP
Clinical Advisor

Nancy is well known for her dynamic approach to the treatment of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders.  She has extensive knowledge and nearly 25 years of experience in the field of pediatric feeding and swallowing disorders encompassing a wide variety of settings.

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Our Commitment

Since 1992 Spectramed, Inc. has brought unique innovative products to the market for superior rehabilitative outcomes and pain management. Our extensive product line is manufactured for many treatment modalities ranging from acute pain and nerve block to sports medicine including post operative surgery, muscle atrophy, stroke recovery and dysphagia therapy.

Our approach of continual improvement has opened up opportunities for Spectramed and our customers alike. The philosophy is happy satisfied customers will continue to support Spectramed as much as we will continue to reinvest in continual improvement to support them. Our existence and growth as a company can only be achieved by providing our customers with the best quality products and service.

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