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The Guardian Way®
Adult Training Course 1.35 ASHA CEU’s
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“The training was awesome! I already have started two
patients on NMES and they are doing well!” ~Lynn B, SLP

"Thank you so much Marissa!! I am loving my device
and have had wonderful results! My facility (100 beds)
is down to only 3 people on thickened liquids!! WOW!!"


Dysphagia Treatment | Foot Drop Therapy

Adult Dysphagia Treatment Training

A comprehensive course designed to teach advanced dysphagia treatment modalities for the adult population.

Foot Drop Training

Designed by physical therapists to help rehabilitate stroke, multiple sclerosis, and partial spinal chord injury.

Pediatric Dysphagia Therapy Training

A comprehensive course designed to teach advanced dysphagia therapy modalities for the pediatric population.

NMES/Biofeedback Device

Learn why Guardian is the the most advanced NMES/Biofeedback device on the market and compares to other electrical stimulation methods.

Adult Dysphagia Electrodes

See our full line of dysphagia therapy electrodes for adults.

Pediatric Dysphagia Electrodes

See our full line of pediatric dysphagia therapy electrodes.

"The training was awesome! I already have started two patients on NMES and they are doing well!” ~Lynn B, SLP

Lynn B, SLP January 8, 2015

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“it’s fundamentally different…”

Who We are

Our mission at Spectramed is to lead the way in the advancement of rehabilitation tools to restore function to the highest level possible to improve the quality of life for all patients. We believe clinicians and patients alike should have access to the most comprehensive therapy suite in a global market.

Our dedicated team of experienced, creative and passionate staff has created products and educational programs with a focus on our 5 core values.

-Compassion for patient care -Innovative rehabilitation tools -Commitment to superior quality -Loyalty -Fiscal responsibility to create and optimize affordable solutions

Our dedication is to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patients and communities we serve. We believe our team of therapists, engineers and sales associates exemplifies the best and the brightest which drives our world-class patient care. We believe we can make a difference. We will make a difference; because we care. The Guardian Way®, it’s fundamentally different.

What is The Guardian Way®?

The Guardian Way® uses a protocol, which utilizes fundamental electrophysiological principles of NMES that have been used successfully for over thirty years in neurorehabilitation and applies these principles to the treatment of dysphagia across the lifespan.

Developed by expert speech-language pathologists, Guardian Therapy is a fundamentally different approach for the treatment of dysphagia. Guardian Therapy uses Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) and surface electromyography (sEMG) to promote improved strength, timing and reeducation of swallowing musculature.

Guardian Therapy is a non-invasive, painless treatment administered by a certified speech-language pathologist that utilizes a small portable stimulator that generates customizable electrical pulses. These pulses flow through a wire (lead) to a pair of small pads (electrodes) placed in the space right under your chin known as the submental region. The electrical current passes through the electrodes into the body and stimulates the motor nerves that results in a muscle contraction. Treatment sessions last only 30 minutes long and use of Guardian Therapy can re-educate muscles, prevent muscle disuse atrophy, strengthen weak swallowing muscles, reduce the occurrence of aspiration, and increase the speed of swallowing.

This highly efficacious treatment technique is safe, affordable, painless and can prevent the occurrence of deadly complications. The goal in the rehabilitation of dysphagia should be to restore swallow function to the highest level possible in order to prevent further complications and promote optimal quality of life.

In short, Guardian is … A clinical philosophy, not a device, driven by passion and innovation A method and tool designed by clinicians for clinicians. A never ending quest to address the specific needs of specific populations. Its always about the patient!

Define NMES and describe the properties of electrical stimulation and its impact on of the electricity on muscle tissue. Define sEMG and describe its impact function in detecting the electricity on of muscle movement tissue. Identify the medical conditions for which NMES is indicated for the treatment of dysphagia. Determine candidacy criteria for use of NMES for the treatment of dysphagia. Identify the characteristics of the NMES stimulation unit and discuss the importance of the properties of electrodes. Discuss and demonstrate the application of the Guardian therapeutic protocol in the treatment of dysphagia Describe and justify why there is a continued need for traditional swallowing exercises in conjunction with NMES. Explain why variable adjustable electrical stimulation parameters maximize therapeutic outcomes. Explain the rationale behind the electrical parameters of the The Guardian Way® NMES Protocol. Demonstrate effective communication skills for patient education regarding the treatment of dysphagia and the use of NMES and sEMG.

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Original Equipment Manufacturer


The Aspire2 is based specifically on the industry standards withheld by the APTA for traditional NMES therapy.

Fully Customizable3

The Aspire2 comes standard with 4 preset NMES protocols. The device can also be customized to create custom NMES treatments.


Outcome Data Collection

Proprietary Electrodes5

FDA, ISO13485, CMDCAS Cleared, Reusable Electrodes




Ohms Laws

In this module students learn about electrode composition and uniform current distribution across the electrode surface.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define NMES and describe the properties of electrical stimulation and its impact on muscle tissue.
  • Define sEMG and describe its function in analyzing and recording the electrical     energy of  muscle movement
  • Identify the characteristics of NMES stimulation and discuss the importance of the    properties of electrodes

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