NMES & sEMG in Dysphagia Management: The Guardian Way® (eLearning + Live Lab)

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  • Learn to use the modality of NMES and how its applied to different patient
  • Learn to use the modality of sEMG and how it can make therapy outcomes more objective
  • Live interactive lab to ensure learning outcomes and competency is met

Pediatrics and Adults


This course is offered for .65 ASHA CEUs with combination of eLearning and live virtual lab with video. All participants will be required to complete 5.5 hours of eLearning prior to completing 1 hour live virtual lab.

Purchase Requirements:

To order the course, purchaser must acknowledge that the trainee has access to the Guardian Way NMES and sEMG lab kit:
1. Guardian Aspire2 device
2. Dysphagia Electrodes (05A156-10, 05A158-10, 05A160-10, or 05A163-10)
3. sEMG Electrodes (05A167)
4. Paper tape
5. Self-adherent wrap or knit headband to secure electrodes

Spectramed recommends using Google Chrome to take this course.  Safari is not compatible for playing audio with google slides.